NaNoWriMo 2014 Day 1 and already I’m procrastinating.

Well, not really, I’m getting a few things set up that I really should have done over the last few weeks, but I’ve been busy and kind of lazy THEN, so I’m paying for it now.

My personal goal is to average 2000 words a day (which is 333 more than the needed average of 1667 a day), just so I can have a little wiggle room. I plan on taking Thanksgiving off, for instance, and I’m also looking for a new job, which means I’ll be busy in all kinds of interesting ways during the month, so… Besides which, there’s also writing for LivingSims that probably will need doing.

Anyway, I’m off! Time to start writing.

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1st World Problems are Real

Hello dear readers, long time no blog!

I have a ton to say, all the time, but clearly don’t feel like sharing so much.  Most of it is political, which makes me look like a political beast. Well, I am in my own little circle, but it’s not like I’m ever running for office or anything. That’s actually forbidden by my religion.

No, really. It is.

I’m not ALL about politics though, of course. I probably should have shared my daughters’ visit over the summer though, for instance. Hmmm… I’ll have to catch you up another time.

Anyway! Tonight, I’m going personal. This is about what really is a 1st world problem… which doesn’t make it frivolous. It’s just a matter of circumstance. Continue reading

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My Mother’s Day message from my loving daughter

I am sorry to say I couldn’t find it for myself, it’s Brian who saw in on Nikki’s wall. Rest assured however, dear daughter mine, that I did get your message. I wanted to keep a copy for myself and for all time, so here it is: Continue reading

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Nano… oh who am I kidding?

I’m kind of dead in the water right now. The last week has been busy as all get out. Then, today, when I had planned on closing out some projects, I found myself sick with what my ex-husband aptly called “Intestinal distress”. It’s been a very long time since I’ve caught a stomach bug. Let’s just say it’s not pretty.

Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo/NaBloPoMo Day 14: OMG almost halfway!

We’re almost halfway through the month, and what do I have to show for all my efforts? Not nearly enough, I’ll tell you right now.  I should be at 25 000 words at least. Not even close *sigh* Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo/NaBloPoMo Day 13: It’s Official, I’m lagging

Lagging way behind.

Last night, I managed 143 words.

ONE HUNDRED FORTY-THREE! Is that all? Really? Tsk tsk Jag! That’s no good at all. Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo/NaBloPoMo Days 10…11… 12! oops

Well look at that, I missed the last two days of blogging altogether. How disappointing.

On Saturday, I feel into my usual Saturday routine, sleeping msot of the day in preparation of an overnight shift that always turns my world a little topsy turvy. I didn’t realize I might have forgotten to post until 3 AM, at which time I as already about halfway through my shift. At the time, I was convinced I had posted. Clearly, I was wrong.

Yesterday, I simply forgot. I had 3 different deadlines to meet within 24 hours, plus I was tired, and… I just plain forgot. On the flip side, one of those deadlines was a novel-writing goal of 4000 words.

I didn’t make it.

But I did write, and I’m about to write again. Right after I get off the phone with my mom, whom I also forgot to call. Let’s call this past weekend “Forget about it!” weekend and then… forget about it.

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NaNoWriMo/NaBloPoMo Day 9: Second week, halfway left behind

We’re a little over 1/4 of the way through the NaNos and… I’m still behind.

I didn’t write a single word today, choosing to take my day off away from anything difficult. Actually, the truth is I was up all night, and therefore was asleep as soon as the cable guys left.

Speaking of cable guys, it turns out it’s not the service or their equipment, it’s my tv: it’s dying. I had to use an alternate connection port, the last one left as the others have all died. I need to dredge up and save between $300 and $700 by about New Year’s, when tv prices typically drop farther than at any other time of the year. Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo/NaBloPoMo Day 8: When (lack of) technology tries to bring us down

Yesterday, I lost internet connection. For hours. And hours. Finally, it came back on, at which point the cable went out.

I don’t know what the universe is trying to tell me right now, but it can’t be anything good. Not in such a connected world. I can check my schedule online; I can communicate with family, friends, and total strangers online. I watched the elections on cable television two days ago. I even submit my novel online.

Assuming all the required devices work, that is.

In any case, I did manage to write a bit more yesterday, but today I find myself a bit despondent. No tv means less noise, true, but the clackety clack of my keyboard isn’t exactly reassuring. In fact, it’s rather loud in the silence. It could be worse.

I could be using a manual typewriter.

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NaNoWriMo/NaBloPoMo Day 7:

Today I’m posting early because I go back to work. Vacation time is over. Even though I didn’t go anywhere, it was absolutely terrific. Nothing urgent to do for 10 whole days…. who can argue with that?

This morning I managed 1698 words for NaNoWriMo. This scene is almost writing itself, all on the fly, too. I am very grateful. Continue reading

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