Permission Granted

Rip showed up at the laundry room where the girls and I had just finished loading the machines, so excited about the phone call he just received he couldn’t wait for us to come back:

Our Building Permit has been approved! First time through, no questions asked! YAY!

I am particularly impressed with myself for having drawn up the plans all on my own, using a program called Chief Architect. I also used a few books from the library to get clues about the whole construction process. I found the following at my local library:

These four books I found full of very useful information. From the steps involved to the general requirements of drawing up your own plans, they had everything I needed to know to make this happen. As for Chief Architect, it is not exactly cheap, but it’s a useful tool supported by a wonderful online community of people, who were willing to answerquestionstons for this most unusual construction.

I will have to borrow these books again to refresh some of my memory, though!

I’m so excited! We’ll be breaking ground soon. On Monday or Tuesday we’ll be going to pick up our permits (building permit, HVAC, plumbing, gas, and electric). This couldn’t have been a better anniversary present, because it’s something we both worked on.

A special thank you to my husband for working with me, even when I didn’t seem to want to hear it or got impatient with him. Thank you, also, for allowing me to work this end of the problem with my own creativity. I’d been drawing these plans off and on for a year; I couldn’t have done it without your input.

I love YOU!

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