Picking up Permits and Purchases

This has been an exciting day. First we went to the Habitat for Humanity store (called “Habitat for Humanity ReStores“, where every penny of the sales goes back to the organization) to pick up some bathroom and kitchen fixtures. We found a cast-iron enameled bathtub that seemed unused: it looks like the enamel finish got chipped in transport, and that’s how it ended up in the Habitat for Humanity back yard. Cost: $10.

An integrated bathroom sink and countertop was our second find, also in excellent condition. It will save us the trouble of building a countertop in the bathroom. Cost: $10.

Next came the search for a kitchen sink. This was a little more difficult, because we wanted to find something fairly deep. Although we didn’t find quite what I was looking for, we did manage to find a beautiful cast-iron enameled double sink with a decent depth. Cost: $15.

Total expenditures: $35.

That’s a great way to start the day! I figure we saved between $350 and $550. WOW!

Next, we were off to pick up all our permits. We got to meet the man who will do the inspections, a man who heavily favors Santa Claus… We’ll see him at least 16 times before it’s all over!

The permits were not nearly as cheap as the fixtures:

Building Permit: $211.68
Plumbing Permit: $58.00
Gas Permit: $25.00
HVAC Permit: $50.00
Electric Permit: $65.00
TOTAL: $409.68

That’s a pretty big check, but it all gets folded into the value of a home of our own on land that is our own.

Next steps: finding equipment for digging ditches, roughing in the foundation, and getting a toilet, which we’ll find at the Habitat ReStore as well! Meantime, we’ve already dropped off our current fixtures on the property for later use.

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