Tai: on getting older, marriage, and siblings

On Getting Older
October 11th, 2005, sometime in the evening.

“I can’t wait to be older!” exclaimed Tai.

“Well why, sweetie?” I asked.

“‘Cause then I’ll be that big, and you guys… you guys will be different.”

On Marriage
In the same conversation:

“You guys are going to get married, right?”

“We’re already married,” we answer in unison.

“See these?” We show her our wedding rings. “These mean we’re married to each other.”

She examines the rings, then looks at us with a grin. “Oh!” she exclaims.

That’s the end of that.

Mid morning, October 12th, 2005

Tai is playing with Lego people she and her sister have made. This one’s a boy, by their definition.

“I need a sister,” her character declares.

“A sister?” I ask, intent on figuring out where she’s going with this. Tai has occasionally commented about her desire for a younger brother.

“Yes,” she says, “a brother and a sister.”

Startled, I decide to question her some more: “Both? Why?”

“Because they can help me,” replies my precociously insightful daughter.

She’s got it all figured out.

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