NEW GIS picture of our property!

GIS Map of Soulsease

GIS Map of Soulsease

We’ve been rather busy lately, but not with construction: that’s been put on hold for the nonce with work coming in every day. Good for the bank account, bad for building completion.

Meantime, the county has been on a revaluation project that includes GIS technology. As a result, they have made available PDF’s delineating everyone’s property lines. The new maps are clearer than anything else we’ve seen so far! Check this out!

As usual, click on the image to get a bigger view. We are lot number 19. I can hardly wait to get back on this project: this was supposed to be temporary! As a result, a lot of things are in storage that we need now. Some days I want to pout. fortunately, it’s not my style, at least not for long. 🙂

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