Down computer!

Twas the night before Christmas eve and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, except for my mouse.
It downloaded, uploaded, edited with ease
Til My hard drive cried out “I am stuffed, not another byte, please!”

Ok, I’ll drop the act and get on with it: I don’t have it in me to drag this on. It’s gone on long enough.

December 23rd, late night — about 30 minutes before midnight, in fact — and I was, indeed, frustrated with the problems I had been fighting for weeks with my hard drive. I have this jumbo, 200 Gb drive I bought a year ago at a fantastic price. I’d divided it in 4 uneven parts: 5 Gb for the OS (Operating system – Windows 2000, in this case), 5 Gb to backup the OS, about 90 Gb for programs, and another 90 Gb to store all my “stuff”: client information, homeschooling data, just whatever needed to be stored but wasn’t software or programs.

Turns out, with all the updates Windows performs, I hadn’t allocated enough for the OS. That partition got so full, I was no longer able to perform Windows updates.

So, intent on starting the upcoming year with a system ready to give its all, I pulled out this nifty program called “Partition Magic” to change the size of my partitions.

Something went horribly wrong. I realized too late that on a previous run, I had scheduled it to perform some operations. It tried not only to do the new ones I was asking, but also the old ones. End result: a broken partition table, which translated into a mostly DEAD hard drive!

For a while, I got lucky, in that Windows was still running. Then, maybe 5 days later, something happened and it got completely wiped out! Even my new data recovery software couldn’t seem to find it, and now I was also locked out of our LAN!

D i s a s t e r !

Nothing I tried seemed able to intelligently restore the broken partition tables, even though all my data was there. Eventually, I had to admit I faced a re-install of Windows.

I searched for that installation disk for two days, and realized it had to be in storage. Oh joy! That little 8 x 10 space is pretty full, and not as well organized as we might have liked. No one felt like searching that place, so I persevered for another week with the software I had.

No luck.

Finally, last Friday we bravely made our way to storage… and got lucky: we found the darn this in about 2 minutes flat!

Windows is now reinstalled, which gave me a chance to try locating my “lost” files with various software. So far, I seem to have had a lot of luck.

Meantime, though, the work keeps pouring in, my grandfather died, and my mother needs me to finish a translation for her… by tomorrow morning. No, make that later this morning. I probably ought to get cracking, huh? To be continued…

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