New Issue of Moondance is up!

Born in 1996,Moondance: Celebrating Creative Women was the first ezine of it’s kind in a world that didn’t have a lot of ezines in the first place. Started by President & Co-founder Loretta Lemsley and a group of women dedicated to the ideals of woman as a non-defective being, Moondance now reaches an audience of more than 360 000 people on average, EVERY month!.
Only 2 years later, in September 1998, I becamse part of the Moondance team. Little did I know what lay ahead of me.

I already had a general idea of how to code for the web, thanks to personal experimentation with my now defunct Geocities homepage (the death of which is a matter for a story all it’s own), in addition to a whole semester spent studying computer Sciences at the Université du Québec à Hull (now renamed, I just found out, Université du Québec en Outaouais).

Cindy Blue recruited me from the boards of The PSP Users Group (where, incidentally, I also met my wonderful husband Rip). I wonder where Cindy is now?

I started as designer for the “Nonfiction” section in the winter of 1998 (December 21st issue). Then, in 2000, I found myself promoted to Assistant Website Manager.

2001 brought about changes to the look of Moondance, which had, by now, gone through 3 iterations as web programming technology evolved. We adopted a new format that helped centralize the navigation. Meantime, we had found the ranks of Website designers had greatly diminished: we went from a full complement of about 12 to 8 — a sizable change with a magazine as large and dynamic as ours.

Finally, in 2003, I found myself at the helm of the entire Website Staff. Perhaps as a result of the so-called dot-com bust, my website staff was probably the smallest since the inception of Moondance: only 7 web designers who work diligently every quarter to put out yet another spectacular edition, on time and looking good.

In the years since I became Website Manager, we discussed what to do to once again bring Moondance in line—or even in advance—of the times. One of those ideas involved a redesign of the site, both visually on the outside (the part our visitors see) and on the inside, behind the scenes. It took me two years to hash out the ideas and start implementing them, but finally I am very proud to say it has been done.

Thanks to the hard work of a very dedicated group of ladies, Moondance has once again showed it can move and flow with the times.

Other changes will be implemented progressively. Meantime, in this the first issue of the year 2006, and the third of the 10th edition, I am excited to present the newly-redesigned Moondance: Celebrating Creative Women. Do go and visit, bookmark the site, come back to it often. Moondance is published quarterly on: March 21st, June 21st, September 21st, and (most hectically of all) December 21st.


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