The Death of the Lemonade Stand

Whatever happened to the good ole fashion lemonade stand? I’ll tell you what happened: it got regulated to death!

My daughters wanted to raise a little summer cash for a camping trip they want to take. Among the methods they thought of was to have a little lemonade stand. You know, the good old fashioned, kids with a table and pitchers of homemade lemonade, selling cool refreshing summer drinks at $0.25 a cup. Now I’ve heard there are a lot of rules and regulations here in our county, so I called to find out what is required to make this happen.

Lucy Phurr's Lemonade StandObviously, because we’re living in an apartment complex and want to simply use the little picnic area here, we need written permission from the property owners. That’s fine. But we would also need a “vendor’s permit” at a cost of (get this!) $70 for a whole month! Not a bad price for a whole month, but we’re talking lemonade stand here! To make any profit, we’d have to sell nearly every day of the week and weekends for a month! (Or substantially increase the price per cup, and that’s a non-starter! Would you pay more than 25 cents for lemonade? I know I wouldn’t! More importantly, the main clientèle, i.e. other kids, certainly wouldn’t either!)

Just to add a little icing on the cake, because we’d be handling food products, we also need permission from the Health Department! I wonder if they would charge us, too, to inspect our setup?…

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………… we’re trying to raise money, not spend some! *sigh*

Thanks for listening.

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