Today I had a fairly long conversation with my mother, and she was kind enough to point out I hadn’t updated my blog in way too long (thanks mom, you are absolutely right!). Our conversation at the time had to do with education and the rearing of children. I spent the next 10 (work) hours thinking about it, and came home intending to expand on our conversation. Then, I went looking on my MySpace page and discovered the Darfur Now site.

Looking at the trailers for this movie (now playing in select theaters) reminded me of an old dream of mine: studying International Law. (no, mom, I’m not going to go back to school just yet. I’m sorry!). For the first time, I realized really and truly what a diploma in International Law could have done for me: I could have been at the forefront of this conflict! Instead of “feeling bad” about it, I could have taken real, concrete action. My only defense is this: By he time I finished High School, the Berlin Wall was going down. Nelson Mandela was freed somewhere between High School graduation and College. From my current perspective, it seems lame, but perhaps these events played a larger roll in my ultimate lack of decision.

Still, I believe I can make a difference, even without the diploma. There are, after all, many ways to skin a cat, any cat, and this one “ain’t no diff’rent” as we might say in the South.

It’s late. For now, please enjoy the music embedded below. I hope to get back to this later, perhaps after I get my own computer up and running agagin.

Should you feel so inclined, please visit the Darfur Now website on My Space.

Sing the petition.
Get inspired.
Make a Difference.



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