More on the California Homeschoolers' Case

I’ve been looking around the internet to find other stories related to the California Homeschoolers’ Case. Below you will find more in depth analysis, or further information.

No Place to Go details some of the background of this case.

Detailed court rulings: this November court ruling reveals some VERY disturbing details about the family in question, so bad, that I have gone back through all my posts and removed the last name of the family in question. The children MUST be protected.

At this point, I need to reiterate the following: the Appellate Court Judge’s ruling did NOT, in any way, have to touch on the subject of homeschooling. Perhaps, being human, he became distracted by the sordid, even disgusting, details of the case before him. I can understand, but it is NOT his place to judge all of us based on the alleged actions of one set of parents.

Sunland Christian School, where the Long children are enrolled as independent learners, posts a comment.

A general list of stories on the case. From the Homefires website.

For those not generally familiar with homeschooling, nothing but the facts here.

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