Update: Homeschooling Freedom in California

Yesterday, I posted the story of the family who’s child protection case has triggered a knee-jerk reaction by an Appellate Court Judge who has deemed Homeschooling not to be a “constitutional right of parents”. I also promised I would return with more information, especially if you want to help.

Well, the HSLDA has posted a Petition to Request Depublishing in the court case Re. Rachel L. Essentially, depublishing the ruling would keep the case from setting a precedent that could be used in other court cases.

In a statement on the afore-mentioned petition by the HSLDA, the situation is explained as follows:

The Court could have restricted its decision to the facts before it, but instead, it issued a broad ruling that effectively outlaws home education in California. The Court also certified its decision for publication, which means that the decision can now be cited as legal authority by all other courts in California.

The latter is the effect the petition seeks to revert. I hope you will sign the petition with me for homeschooling freedom. At the time of publishing this blog, there were over 74,000 signatures, including mine.

If you happen to be in California or want even more information (beyond the typical reactionary media, that is), I refer you to the Homefires site of Diane Keith Flynn, a woman who not only helped pioneer homeschooling as we know it in America, but also continues to be very active with homeschoolers and homeschool organizations across the country, including the family in question who’s court case triggered the Judge’s response.

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