Moondance Spring 2008 – Jester Issue

Just a quick note the latest issue of Moondance: Celebrating Creative Women is up and live.

This issue’s theme is “The Jester“.

A fun-loving woman who brings joy into the lives of those she loves. She knows the healing powers of laughter and possesses the secret to enjoying life. Her goal is to live life fully. She accomplishes this by living in the present and savoring the moment. She uses merriment to lighten the load of unpleasant tasks and to defuse conflict. She brings the gifts of happiness and pleasure to the daily lives of those she treasures.

Next issue, due out June 21st, is “The Magician“:

The magical woman embraces her power by balancing her inner self and outer reality. She accomplishes what seems miraculous through a deep understanding of nature and our perception of reality. Often she does not seek to be the center of power but prefers to be the catalyst for the success of others. Her visionary and esoteric talents provide the opportunity to bring hopes and dreams to fruition, usually by teaching others to change their inner thoughts and attitudes. The magical woman values her freedom and time to seek the inner balance that is the source of her power.

If you’re a writer and have something that fits the theme, feel free to submit your work!

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