The World's First President?

The American election of 2008 has become a world-wide event of monumental proportions, in part because of the sheer stature of Barack Obama, a man whose name and lineage both make him a man of the world.

Born to a white mother and a Kenyan father, raised in Indonesia by his stepfather, he is a man who carries himself with poise and dignity, while somehow managing to look like everyone.

Added to all this is an unprecedented awareness that whoever rules the United States of America has influence over affairs of the world. Between the “War on Terror” and the recent effects of the near-crash of the New York Stock Exchange and the Dow Jones Industrial, American policy is, in effect, world policy, and even the developing world is aware of that.

That’s a lot of responsibility.

Newsweek has written an excellent 3-page article that does a good job of describing all that is at stake and why the world cares.

For what it’s worth, I truly hope Barack wins. Once upon a time, I would have been torn, and not on the basis of race; John McCain was a man I used to consider trustworthy. Not any more. That is why I believe it is Barack’s time.

And the world will never be the same again.

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