I'm a published writer!

Well, not really, but my “Letter to the Editor” was posted in the local paper.  Unfortunately for me, I have not seen the hardcopy, only the online version.  If anyone happens to have it, I’d love to get a scan for my records (and this blog) as the link will eventually become a “pay-to-read” version soon enough. Long story short, about 12 days before the November 4, 2008 election of Barack Obama to the Presidency of the United States, a fellow Athenian’s Letter was published in the local paper, the Athens Banner-Herald.  In it, this person begged the paper to stop publishing anti-Obama editorial cartoons.  His comment prompted me to post this response, which (much to my surprise) was actually published. A fellow-Baha’i (whom I hadn’t seen in months, btw – talk about some kind of serendipity!) let me know he’d seen it.  Two or three days later, which happened to be the day before the election, one of my bosses also commented, calling me a “published writer”, which made me laugh and nearly-blush simultaneously.  (If you know me really well, you’ll know what that looks like. :)) The responses are not entirely unexpected, but I’m glad I didn’t send to the Atlanta Journal-Consitution which, interestingly, endorsed Barack Obama for president. History will be made tomorrow.  Whether Greg’s help (or mine) is needed will be seen shortly.  I’m just tickled that I was “published”.

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