No More Excuses – Flipping the Script

I have spent quite a few days since my origianl “No More Excuses” post thinking about the myriad little ways the world has changed. By today, 10 days after the world fell on it’s head, I finally began looking at it from a different perspective: that of the racist, the White Supremacist, the person (perhaps black OR white) who still uses the N-word and considers it correct.

It’s interesting to me that, the very same day I was composing this post in my head, the following article appeared in the local paper. All day, I have been thinking “What’s it like for the white racist?” This led to the thought of the N-word. It suddenly occured to me that the word (and the hostility, even the hatred that go with it) is no longer appropriate. How can you look at the President of the United States of America and, instead of thinking “Mr. President”, What´s to Comethink “N****R!”???  The very dichotomy of that is disturbing, at best.

The alternative, of course—always assuming you are unwilling to change your old ways—is to refuse to recognize his authority or his legitimacy.  I suspect that is exactly what is happening.  This would explain the large number of threats being directed his way. Some are refusing to recognize his legitimacy, and therefore feel entitled to their desire for violence.

Should Obama prove to be a capable, dynamic, courageous leader, for those people, there will be no more excuses. How will they justify their hatred, their contempt, their conviction that “the n****” can’t or won’t do what needs to be done?

First, though, Obama needs to survive. The rest will need to be left for history.

For those out there with the killer attitude, let me tell you something:
Yes, we can.

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