My Daughter, the Party Planner

Two days ago, Saturday November 15th, my middle daughter approaches me with a plan for her older sister’s 14th birthday. She wanted to blow out a party, with room rental, a guest list, cake, food, music, and a THEME.

Mind you, Nikki’s birthday is November 17th. Aly’s got a 2 day lead time.

Actually, less.


I tell her we don’t have the money, and anyway a party on a school night (a Monday, no less!) is unlikely to draw any guests. She looked crestfallen, but I didn’t have time to discuss it any longer, as I was nearly running late for work.

By the time I got back, she had accomplished the following things:

  • organized a committee to put on the party (thank you, Girl Scouts, for teaching her about that!)
  • called on all the friends and family members she could think of to contribute financially, from her grandmother to her dad
  • found out how much it would cost to rent the room she wanted
  • drawn up a list of what kind of food she would need
  • created invitations she sent by email

All in the space of 5 hours.

Today, I went and picked up the money her father sent from himself and his mother via Western Union and immediately purchased the chips, drinks, dip, plates, cups, etc etc, and arranged for the pizza. The room was already rented, all she needed to do was decorate. At 6 o’clock, everything was ready right on time. Girls, all dressed up for the Masquerade ball showed up with their gorgeous gowns, though the masks turned out to be too much (not enough time to make or buy any). In all 22 girls, 3 boys, and as many as 6 adults would be present at all time. American Beauty The party went on until 8:30 PM, at which time everyone happily made their way home.

Nikki had a fabulously wonderful time, as did her guests, and Aly might be a party planner after all.

Congratulations, Aly.

Happy 14th Birthday, Nikki.

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