He's Baaaa-aacckkk! Jack Bauer, that is…

Reflections on the roadJack Bauer returns into our living rooms Sunday, November 23rd at 20:00 (8PM) in what I figure will be a two hour teaser episode. The show, called “Redemption”, was entirely filmed in Cape Town, South Africa.
In an interview on a news channel, actor Keifer Sutherland (24‘s co-producer and central character, Jack Bauer) says the filming of “Redemption” changed his whole perspective:

“There were so many things I experienced in South Africa that are so vastly different from my life experience here,” he tells Fox News. “I just loved photographing the people. For instance, you would have these children that would exhibit this unbelievable joy and friendliness, and yet they’re living in this abject poverty, and that kind of really shatters your sense of perspective about everything that we have here.”

Perhaps more telling is the proliferation of links on the 24 website of links to things that matter to South Africa and it’s children: U.N.I.C.E.F., “Malaria No More“, and “Stop the Use of Child Soldiers“. I seriously encourage you all to take a look.

24 is (almost) back, and you can see the Redemption trailer here!

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