Me giving thanks

talkin´ turkeyThanksgiving is a very important holiday. It’s the day we give thanks for all the things we have. It’s also the day we eat TONS of food! yuuuum. But my favorite thing about thanksgiving is my whole family spends the whole day together cooking, laugh and spending quality time together. And let’s not forget the poor turkeys that we eat! again, YUM! I do love turkey. Most of the time on Thanksgiving, we have hens but this year…. WE GOT TURKEY! Sweet! This year I’m giving thanks for…. My friends, food, water, land, My home, family, my new sister, shoes, clothes, my hair, snow, rain, wind, the sun, paper, pens, school, my mom, my dad, my space, Gaia, Sharpies and this web site.

what are you giving thanks for?

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