Note to self – Upcoming subjects

This is just a quick note to myself about things I want to post about within the next week.

First is a follow up to my “I hate walking” post, about walking in Athens, GA and the dangers therein (hint: it will include some rules of the road for those who don’t know what to do about pedestrians).

Second is something I heard about tonight regarding tribal wars in Papua New Guinea and the response of women on both sides of the conflict… chilling and eloquent.

Finally, and perhaps more pressing, is an analysis given to Rachel Maddow on her MSNBC show by Richard Engel, NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent, about last week’s attacks in Mumbai. VERY chilling stuff.  Here’s the interview (7min 10sec):

Dollars Drachmas Euros,
They all fall down:

It is nearly 7AM here, and the European and Asian markets have opened.. DOWN. Again. *sigh* I’m trying to explain this to my teenage daughter, who doesn’t understand and doesn’t care. Maybe someone can pen some kid lyrics (à la “Ring around the rosy”) that kids will continue singing for centuries to come…

This week is pretty busy: I work tonight (Wednesday) and tomorrow, then on Friday there’s a Girl Scout sleepover, and I work Saturday night/Sunday morning. Between all that, I also need to code articles for the upcoming issue of Moondance. Nonetheless, I will attempt to share my thoughts on at least one of the above-mentioned subjects.

Until next time…

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