I Reject Your Reality…

…and substitute my own.

Reality distortedForget an Orwellian world, welcome to the Rovian world. This is a place where:

  • the Democrats are the ones who wanted to go to war in Iraq;
  • the war in Iraq was launched because of “faulty” intel, and “everyone” was bamboozled by said “faulty” intl
  • if Bush’s presidency was a failure, it’s because of Bush’s enemies, who didn’t recognize him as a legitimate president (never mind that 5 Supreme Court judges, taking advantage of an archaic Electoral College system and with a little help from the “right” people, actually overruled the will of the American voter)

And so it goes.

I refer you once again to Keith Olbermann (because I think he’s the funniest)

In a previous post, I pointed out what is being done to preserve rewrite the history of the Bush legacy. I doubt it will succeed: too many literate people are blogging about it, discussing it at length, often in front of the next generation.

May this history never be forgotten, or repeated.

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