The Joys of Friendship

ekuverikamakee, gadha fadha baarehHere am I, sitting at my friend’s computer at 7 o’clock in the morning, thinking how wonderful it is to see her and her family. My belly is still full from last night’s dinner, lovingly prepared by her husband. The kids are all sound asleep (she has a daughter who’s growing up just as fast as my “weeds”!). The clack of the keys on the keyboard are way louder than I would like in all the silence. All is well.

All manner of things are well.

Is there anything better than spending some quality time with friends and families during the holidays? Sure, a cruise is nice, or a trip to Europe, for instance; but there is a genuine, simple pleasure in being in the company of people you love, and who love you back. I imagine, in these hard economic times, many of us will rediscover that pleasure. That is, if we haven’t completely forgotten how to be with people, in our ultra-wired, warp-speed-communication-at-a-distance world.

Friends are better. They deserve betterm too.

Happy Holidays, from me to you!

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