Open-Letter to MySpace

(This is a copy of a letter I just sent to MySpace Customer Relations after a distraught call from my mother. Mom, again, I’m sorry you had to go through that. It’s truly not my fault, though. I never use my MySpace page, really, and I have zero control over who shows up on what should be “my” page but isn’t, because of this new “feature” at the bottom of that page, which lists a bunch of people, all strangers to me, who happen to have “public” profiles. It’s unfair. It’s supposed to be my page after all, right?)

There really must be a better way to do MySpace.

What I mean by that is this: my profile is private. That way, I can keep out the perverts and the lunatics and the exhibitionists. Not that I have anything against exhibitionists, per say, but I’m not terribly big on having a potential audience of 6 billion people.

Imagine this: my mother goes to check out my MySpace page because it’s connected to my Skype. She’s got a friend looking over her shoulder. Now they can only see some generic info about me, but at the bottom of the page is a listing a public profiles. One of those profiles has the picture of some woman, butt naked, playing with herself.

My mom about died of embarrassment. Her friend figured it was a friend or relation of mine, and acted towards my mother accordingly. No amount of explanation would do, they figure it must be someone with whom I have regular contact.

Please, do something about public profiles. There IS a way to monitor all that nakedness. Profile pics of public profiles should either be checked for G-rating (there are kids here too, after all), or be clearly labeled as X (maybe with a replacement image with a big old X on it). I know there are a lot of users, and the man hours needed is astronomical, but that’s outsourceable work. Monitors could be college students, for instance.


Thanks for reading.

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3 Responses to Open-Letter to MySpace

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  2. Michelle Petit-Sumrall says:

    Shortly after posting this, I dug around the MySpace site, looking for a way to remove those intrusive links to total strangers on my default profile (the one you see if you’re NOT in my friends’ list). Turns out, MySpace has upgraded their profile module (they call it “Profile 2.0”), and it appears you can get rid of the darn intrusion. It’s a rather involved process, but I get to decide how much is visible in the “public” portion of my profile. So far as I can tell, this solves the problem… for the future. But who’s going to compensate my mom (and her friend, for that matter) for the shock they received? Can someone erase the memory, maybe? No? Didn’t think so.

    Thanks, MySpace. Thanks a lot.

    Oh, and by the way, what a horrible way to find out about the new settings, anyway! How come they didn’t tell us? It’s not as though they don’t have our email addresses, we need them to sign up!


  3. Michelle Petit-Sumrall says:

    I got a generic reply (of course!) from MySpace, telling me how to set up my profile to be private. DOH! I hate that big companies do that, though I understand it: with the size of their membership, it’s the easy way to wean out the majority of issues have.

    SO I replied to them, elaborating for some human to read, including a link to this letter. I’ll update some more when I hear back from them.

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