General Update: Coming up over the weekend

speechI’ve been rather silent lately, which was not intentional. Life has gotten a tadlet busy, and there is SO much to talk about, I don’t even know where to start! Unfortunately for this blog (and anyone reading.. thanks again to YOU, Dear Reader), I have been working fairly hard over the last two weeks, leaving me with little energy or will to blog. However, over the weekend, I do intend to post a few things:

  • THE topic of the day, of course, is the upcoming inauguration of Barack Obama; I’ll do my best to post something about that. I might even have a “speech” prepared, thanks to Mixed Ink
  • The beautiful landing of that U.S Airways flight 1549 today might be of interest. Unfortunately, I did not get to see it live, as I was at work, but I’ll tell you this: it’s the very definition of a beautiful landing. I’ll explain why.
  • There’s a wonderful article in this week’s Flagpole on the subject of gay “marriage” that I want to share and expound upon.
  • George W. Bush’s farewell speech (which I didn’t get to watch) will, hopefully, be among my weekend topics. I hope to find a full transcript, at least, that I can read, so that I may discuss it intelligently.
  • Speaking of Bush naturally leads (in this transition time) to the subject of torture, “Gitmo”, and the ruling that might have proved why torture killed justice for 9/11.

That’s all for tonight! I have to work in the morning (rather than my usual evening start time), so I’ll stop for now. Oh one more thing: I might have something to say about working in an economy experiencing a downturn. Our hours next week are dismal, as a co-worker put it, and they have been for the last few weeks. I know we are fortunate to be working at all, but having to work two part-time jobs is more hassle than working one full-time job, and that may be saying a lot, don’t you think?

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