Ed Tant at the Obama Inauguration

Last night, I had the pleasure and delight of meeting Ed Tant, Athens writer since 1974, while going on break at work (no really! that’s the kind of town I live in!), where he showed me his picture of Obama taking the oath of office. I had first met him on the Friday evening before the Inauguration, January 16th 2009, where his excitement at the prospect was palpable. “Finally, a President I like!” he quipped.
What fascinates me about his excitement is this: as a man who has been reporting the news for more than 30 years, and an activist since 1968, he has seen it all from protest marches to space shuttle launches. For someone like him, the election of Barack Obama clearly seems like a godsend. I was tickled that his reaction before the Inauguration matched my husband’s.

I have added a link in my blogroll at the right, under “Radio & News”. From there, you will be able to read some of his writings in the local paper, the “Athens-Banner Herald“, as well as his accounts and photos of the Obama Inauguration and much more, going back 30 years.

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