Change on the Homefront

Grad CollegeThis is the “Year for Change” for sure, and I think even the skeptical are feeling the pull. I also believe those who ignore it will end up left behind, but that’s just my opinion, and you know what they say about those.

Drum roll please:

My husband is very seriously, very enthusiastically, considering going back to school. Initially, he was thinking architecture, so I started doing research to find out which local schools have a program. I discovered Athens Tech has a “Drafting” program, which would be great because he could probably test out of many of the classes and simply improve on skills he already has.

I spent two days doing this research, while he started attempting to get copies of his GED (from 1973!). Then, while he was watching me search the Athens Tech site, he discovered there are some courses in the medical field, such as Surgery Technician, and he’s now considering doing that.

Although architecture has always been a love of his (thus the pre-existing knowledge of drafting), what he really wanted to do is become a brain surgeon.

So now the focus may have changed.

I’m afraid that I, having spent some time daydreaming about how he could teach the girls to do drafting and other related skills that they have a natural affinity for, and imagining a future where he would be on the cutting edge of new technologies (things he has ideas about ALL the time), I wasn’t as enthusiastic as I could have been about the sudden change in direction.

The truth is, to quote from “Gifted Hands: the Ben Carson Story”, he can do whatever anyone else can do, only better. He’d find success either way. I don’t really care what he chooses, as long as he is both happy and doing something he enjoys. After all, he’s much more pleasant to be around when he’s happy than not.

Aren’t we all? 🙂

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