The Great Blizzard of 2009

I REALLY wished I had a digital camera to capture the weekend’s winter wonderland!

On Sunday, March 1st, 2009, from noon until midnight exactly, a huge snow storm system traveling from Alabama towards the east coast hit Athens, Georgia, and surrounding areas dropping snowflakes that actually got so big, I called them “God’s fluffy snowballs”.

Seriously. It snowed for TWELVE HOURS STRAIGHT. For at least 2 of those hours, the flakes were more like an amalgamation of flakes formed into loose snowballs a good 2 inches around.

Yes, we had actual snow in Georgia. Therefore we had several inches worth in Athens. Officially, nine inches.

You should have seen my parking lot!

My daughter took a few pictures, as soon as we develop the film I’ll update this. Meantime, the snow is still melting, more than 72 hours after the first snowflake. School was closed on Monday, stores didn’t open, those who had gone in to work Sunday morning found themselves stuck in their business’s parking lot come the afternoon… it was a mess! I even got to push a few cars, because some people actually thought they were equipped to drive in 6 inches plus of snow.

You can see other people’s pictures at Picasa Web. Enjoy the show!

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