Gardening Diary: First Seeds Growing!

Market RadishIt’s been just a few days since we started our garden, and just before leaving for work hubby pointed out the first leaves of our radish AND of the mustard seeds emerging from the soil!  Additionally, all the pepper plants are obviously growing, especially the red, yellow, banana and jalapenos.The weather promises to be wet over the next few days, after three days of glorious warm sunshiny spring.  With any luck, that will mean even better growing.  I also got word today that my last plants have shipped: by Friday, I should have

  • a garlic plant
  • a shallot plant
  • an Early Girl tomato bush
  • a Red onion plant
  • Organic Summer Savory seeds

As a bonus, Burpee is sending some plant food because I spent another $25 with this order.  I’m done for this season, that’s for sure! *L*  Once we start collecting fruit from our plants, we’ll be able to reconsider for the fall.

I do wish I could ifnd one more thing, though: catnip, for our cat. 🙂

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