Garden Notes: Roly-Polies!

Armadillidium Vulgare, aka 'pill bug' or 'roly poly'The Armadillidiidae, aka “Roly-Poly”, “Pill Woodlouse”, and other interesting names more easily pronounced, is a beneficial creature to find in your garden. They thrive in moist areas where there is decaying vegetation. In other words, they make a decent addition to a container garden, especially when you don’t yet have worms.

I am, however, thinking it would be good to have some worms, at least in the same container that has already attracted the roly polies. It’s large enoWoodlouseugh to sustain a certain population, and they in turn will transform the soil in all kinds of beneficial ways ((See also: Victory Seeds article, or
Grow Quest’s “Composting Worms” article)). I may have to go digging around in the area at the back of our apartment, under the pile of tree clippings and such that the landscaping crew has dumped back there. They should be easy to find after today’s rain…

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