Garden Notes: How I Built up my Planters

Trash Bags, Dental Floss, & LightbulbsI just realized I forgot to specify a few things about the process of creating my planters, so (for posterity’s sake and my own future reference), here it is.

I started with the crates, as I said in my first post about it. Now I’d planned on lining them with the cheapest white, kitchen sized trash bags I could, but soon discovered they were too small. Fortunately, I had some trash compactor bags which are both larger and thicker, so I used those instead.

Then, for each pot, I made a 3:1:1 blend of top soil, composted cow manure (which I bought by the bag at the same time and vermiculite. To save some space and create some drainage, I put some holes at the bottom of the bags, lined them with old aluminum cans and torn up newspaper. I made sure the paper I chose had as little color ink as possible to avoid leaching possibly dangerous chemicals in my edible garden. I covered it all with my soil mixture, then planted the various seeds or plantings.

Finally, a little water, and I was done!

I do plan on making my own compost from kitchen scraps over the course of the of the spring and summer. I’ll document that too. Right now, I have a small plastic trash can that I plan to use for said composting. At the moment, though, it’s holding a lot of rain water that I need to transfer. Perhaps I’ll use some old ice cream tubs I have for the rain water (which will later go into my watering can).

Simply LemonadeSpeaking of which, for a watering can, I’m using an old, empty bottle of “Simply Orange” (really good juice, by the way, they have apple, grapefruit, lemonade and limade which are reputed to be equally tasty), in whose lids we put some holes. The resulting water flow is just perfect!

Back to the composting bin, we need to remember to add our egg shells and coffee grounds to it. (Not to mention a little urine in the water can. Sh….!)

I’m also considering making a worm bin. Worms are good at turning the soil around, and their “casings” (a polite word for “droppings” or “poop”) make great additives for composting.

The only thing missing, really, is a separate catnip garden to ensure that what happened to our chives last year doesn’t happen to anything this year. 🙂

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