Garden Notes: Weekend Rains, Cold, Cold Evenings

*Interlude* Strange cloud formationWell it rained all weekend long, pretty hard at that. If you’re anywhere in the U.S., you probably are aware of the weird, intensive weather patterns across the entire nation: tornadoes in Alabama, snow so heavy Colorado declared a state of emergency, torrential rains all over the Southeast and wind advisories ((A wind advisory indicates wind gusts up to 35 mph or 55 km/h)) that threatened to tumble trees.

It all started Friday, when the sky erupted with rain and rolling thunder. Between rain squalls, I went to check out the plants and found the ones we had started in newspaper pots ((Learn how to make your own newspaper pots! Try PDFthis simple method, or this one, this origami version.)) where I’d planted marigolds and tomatillos were literally soaking: we’d placed them outside partially sheltered by plastic bags, but apparently we didn’t have as many holes at the bottom of the bags as we needed. So we poked a few more holes in and drained them, but I think I’ll have to replant the tomatillos.

As of today, however, my little marigold seeds are poking out of the ground! In spite of all that water, I have one poking out of two of my three paper pots. Actually, I just looked again and found a second one that’s reaching for the sky in one pot. Yay!

The radishes have positively flourished, however. They are now an inch and a half tall, and hubby, Tai and I thinned them back some. I made myself a little radish shoot sandwich. Tasted a bit like watercress. Deliciously tangy. No, I didn’t share! :Þ

Other items growing:

  • The peppers have grown another inch or so as well, and are looking healthy.
  • The herbs are all looking great: tarragon, cilantro ((BTW, did you know: cilantro is the herb that’s eaten the most in the world, more than all other herbs combined!)), basil, rosemary, thyme and oregano are all perking up.
  • The rosemary, which we bought already in great shape, is looking like a mini bush as well. Tai called it a “toddler”. She knows how big it can grow!
  • The parsley is a little sparse, but hanging in there.

We also have some other things that we’d been growing for a couple of years, namely chives, green onions, and one sweet onion bulb. The chives we moved this year into a deeper pot and separated a little: they’d overtaken our original window planter, and the roots were literally everywhere! They are now happy and reaching for the sky again: they’d been looking a little bedraggled after all that crowding around. Not to mention the local cat population used the planter as a bed. They’re “all better” now.

Oh! did I mention, on Friday I received my garlic and shallot sets! I haven’t planted them yet, I’d meant to do that today while it’s sunny. We also got some carrot seeds from one of the girls’ friends. The seeds came to her through a World vision’s “Seeds of Joy” program. Rip planted those around the mustard greens Thursday.

3 JuneFinally, the tomato plants: our main one hasn’t been hung in our upside down planter yet, I forgot to get a hook to hang it by. Of the four grafts we planted, one looks like it might make it, which would be fantastic. Imagine, two Roma tomato plants!

One other thing:  I just realized that we planted garlic chives, but I have no idea where! *LOL*  We’ll know if and when they shoot out of a pot.  Somewhere….  Meantime, we’re having a cool summer, I think I’ll try some lettuce after all.

Time to get my hands dirty! 🙂

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