My Newest Reader

Little Girl Reading
It’s official: my littlest girl is a reader.

Over the last few days, I’ve bought several books, simply because I missed having anything to read that I hadn’t read yet. We haven’t been to the library in ages because I have fines of outrageous proportions. Anyway, I bought a few books for myself that I read in record time. Then I bought a book for the older girls, the first in the “Twilight” series.

Anyway, by the time I had bought my third book ((In case you’re wondering, I read two Jonathan Kellerman books, Compulsion, and Bones, as well as a revised Dean Koontz, The Eyes of Darkness. The latter was originally published under a pseudonym, Leigh Nicols. The new version has a biting afterword detailing his adventures in adapting books for tv… not pretty!)), Tai was starting to feel a little… left out, shall we say?

So she asked me to get her some books. She didn’t want a “baby book”, one with too many pictures and not enough text. She certainly didn’t want the ABC’s book we already have, or her Bob Books

What’s so funny is that I had just looked at a book I thought she might enjoy: The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

I bought it today. She got her hands on it when I got home around 10:30 PM. By 12:30, she had page 61read the first eight pages, sounding out words like “wizard“, “hopping“, “village“, and (the one that really impressed me, “direction“. I had to force her to quit with the reading and get some sleep. Her skull was literally hot to the touch by then, I figured she needed to give it a rest, as they say.

It’s official, she’s a reader.

YAY!  Like mother AND father, like daughter.

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