Garden Diary: Let Us Admire the Lettuce

Close up of lettuce headAmazing! The lettuce I planted just the day before yesterday (as evidenced by the date stamp on this post is peeking out! I knew lettuce grew fast, but dang this seems to be faster than anything else we’ve planted!

The varieties I chose are both losseleaf lettuces, more capable of dealing with our Southern sun that others, such as iceberg (which would rot before we even had time to harvest it). Specifically, I’m trying a blend of Black-Seeded Simpson (and heirloom) and the Simpson Elite, a similar lettuce that is more heat-tolerant and can be harvested longer. I also planted the carrot seeds in that planter, as they’ll take a much longer time to grow.

Right now, the lettuce is a bunch of really teeny tiny little leaves so close to the ground, you have to look closely to see it.


Gardening is fun. Food gardening from seed is a trip!

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