Garden Diary: Upside-Down Tomato, and Garlic

Green Thumb and HandWe woke up today to find we absolutely had to get going on the plans for the tomato plant: the first flower has appeared. To quote Rip: “WEEEE!”

You can see an example planter in this video (around four minutes in). I’m not sure how well this will work, but I think we’ll also add a self-watering system at the top (such as a 2L bottom turned upside down) to keep up with the watering needs of our tomato, as it’s my understanding that tomatoes need quite a bit of it.

Making this planter was the easiest thing in the world. Using a reusable grocery bag I had laying around, we simply made a round hole at the bottom of the bag through the plastic support these bags often have.

To help seal the hole once it was hanging and keep the soil in that place in, we used an onion mesh bag (folded several times over), with a slit cut out of the folded mesh to fit around the seedling’s stem. Then, with the bag hanging at a level we could easily work with, we gathered all the leaves, carefully threaded them and the stem through the hole in the bag.

To help reduce the weight, we used empty aluminum cans in the four corners of the bad, then filled with a mix of soil, compost and Styrofoam packing peanuts, making sure to raise the now upside-down plant a little bit, as tomatoes like to be planted a bit deeper than their lowest leaves.

Upside down tomato plantThen we hung the whole thing from a hook in front of our window, sprayed the flowers and adjacent leaves with blossom set spray as recommended by the product’s manufacturer, and voila! Our own Topsy Turvy ®!

The location, just under the roof and in front of our south-facing window, means the soil shouldn’t get too warm or too dry in our overly warm summers, but the plant itself will grow outward toward the sun, providing some shade for the house as well.

Sliced garlic - שום פרוסMeantime, elsewhere in our garden, the garlic we planted a few days ago is already an inch out of the dirt. I’m pretty impressed, I mean these were planted the same day as the lettuce, which was what, four days ago? I can hardly wait for the shallots, as well.

Perhaps I’ll plant the summer savory and red onions tonight, as well. Oh and one more thing: it appears some of the garlic chives survived the drenching of the last week, as did a few more of the marigolds. I counted 6 plants earlier… Finally, I’ll water all the plants and report back in a few days how everything is progressing.

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