Garden Diary: Tomatillos!

Summer savoryDo you remember when I mentioned that big rain storm earlier this week? You might also remember that a few things we had started from seed, including the garlic chives and tomatillos, looked like they might have drowned. Well a few days ago I noticed the marigolds were growing after all, but I’d already given up the tomatillos as lost. In fact, I’d moved my little paper pots into a crate, which was then acting as a base under another pot. In other words, the soil that had tomatillo seeds was in shadow for the last 5 plus day.

Today, while I planted my red onions and summer savory, I looked up to find a big surprise: the tomatillos have germinated!

Not only have they germinated, but they are darn near thriving: I think every single seed sprouted! They’re looking a little frail, having struggled to reach for some sunlight; however, once we open them up to the sunlight, I’m pretty sure they’ll thrive again.

Tomorrow, however, we need to cover or maybe even bring in several plants, especially the peppers: temperatures are expected to go down to 34° F. Brrr!

détail de rose hivernaleThe plan is to cover most of the plants, using the trash bags that are lining the crates (the bags were big enough to drape on the outside, and therefore all we have to do is pick up the sides above the plants and either tie a knot or use a twist tie to seal them overnight). In addition, Rip’s also considering taking a tarp and covering the plants to help hold in even more of the afternoon’s warmth. That should keep everything from actually freezing and killing them.

‘Course, we might bring some of the plants in the house. Can’t get cold when you’re in the house.

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