Garden Diary: Frost Precautions

Mother NatureOne of the joys of container gardening is the ability to foil some of the vagaries of Mother Nature, simply by moving the containers to a better or different location.

Tonight’s weather forecast calls for near-freezing temperatures, with a slim chance of rain, even snow! Therefore, we have moved into the kitchen: the peppers, our more fragile seedlings such as the tomatillos, red onion, marigolds and garlic chives. We’ve also covered our hanging tomato plant in a plastic bag wrapped with a towel to help it stay warm overnight.

The herbs we left outside; those that are in my milk crates we simply pulled the plastic lining up over them at nightfall, in the hopes that they will retain whatever Sky Paletteheat their soil might have managed to generate on what was one cool, windy day.

Tomorrow night’s forecast is expected to be as cold if not colder, so we’ll take the plants out in the morning to get some sunshine and uncover the tomatoes, then repeat the experiment in the evening. From then on, perhaps Mother Nature will consent to let us continue with Spring.

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