Garden Diary: Flavored Oils and Vinegars

Easter EggsToday, Easter Sunday, was such a gorgeous day!

After two days of rain (including a very scary night during which we were under a tornado watch, and the tornado siren actually went off), the weather turned picture-perfect: sunny, not a cloud in the sky, temperatures reaching 70°. While I was at work, the girls decorated Easter eggs, setting up neighborhood kids with coloring stations, and preparing an Easter egg hunt.

Meantime, Rip got all green-thumbed rearranging plants, moving the garlic chives from their paper pots into a new pot, even putting one of the marigolds in the pot that has the green onions.

Tarragon FlowerShortly after I returned home, Rip showed me the results of the girls’ work (lovely egg dyeing!) and what he did in our mobile garden. We just tasted the tarragon flowers and discovered they’re very licorice-y. So we started thinking why not use one of the small bottles we have laying around maybe we can try making tarragon oil. Since I have peanut oil, we’ll try that, with a few flowers from the chives. I suspect an even lighter oil would be better, but who cares, it’s yet another experiment! 🙂

Feeling very “Farmer John”, Rip went ahead and did just that. We have a bottle of oil infusing with tarragon and chive flowers. We’ll let it sit for a few days, then figure out what to do with it.

Meantime, we decided it was time to move the tomatillos into their own pot as well, which I have done. We covered them overnight so that their very vigorous roots could adapt and grab hold in the fresh, rich soil. It a good thing, too, because it’s supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow morning… again!

At least Georgia’s lakes should be filled up again at this rate.

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