Garden Diary: Microgreens

Green SaladWell, we had to pull the radish tops. 😦

Turns out, Rip had planted them a bit too shallowly, and most of the red part was above ground. They were growing well, mind you, but no “bulbing” action was happening, so we pulled them to use the tops in some kind of salad or something.

I’m sure the peppers they were planted next to will be happy: they’ll have a bit more room to themselves now.

Coke floatWe’ll be replanting in a different container. I found a long crate, the kind that Coca Cola uses to transfer their two liter bottles from the truck to the store shelves or stockroom. I lined it with the bottom of a large trash bag and filled it about halfway with dirt.

Unfortunately, the dirt got wet (again!) what with all the rain we’ve had, so we’re letting it dry out in the lovely sun before planting the radish seeds.

In other garden news, carrot tops are showing in both the lettuce & carrot pot and the mustard green pot where they’ve been planted.

The garlic and shallots continue to grow almost visibly, and the garlic chives survived the recent pounding rains.

The very best news, though: the red onions are showing! Yipee! Now if the summer savory could show up too (they’re supposed to show up a few days after the onions, since they were planted at the same time), our garden would be complete.

Except for the Baby Girl tomatoes, which I expect Burpee to send me by next week, and something we picked up at a nearby store last night: offered by “Billington Wine” in partnership with the “Greenfield Paper Company“, we discovered this interesting concept. Seeds embedded in (recycled) paper that you plant to grow said seeds. In this case, a blend of the following flowers:
Gallardia 6-25

You’ll notice these are all California native wild flowers, which means most will probably do pretty well here. We’ve decided to make this Tai’s project. She’ll want to get her dirt from the back yard, down where the grounds go down to the little stream. That oughtta do it!

We have three whole days of sun coming up (including today), then rain Saturday afternoon through Sunday. The temperature is holding up, staying unseasonably cool Webvan Tubs - The only legacy of Webvan.rather than not, which suits me just fine! If it could stay like this until June, I’d be thrilled, actually, not only for my garden, but for myself: I miss cool temperatures, and the summers here have been simultaneously too long and too hot for my tastes. I’d have been happy in, say, North Carolina. Meantime, I’ll be content with what we have right now, it’s pretty sweet.

Rains are coming next weekend, though, which means we’ll probably have to drain (again!) the soil we’ve stored in our yellow Webvan tote.

R.I.P., Webvan.  It was good while it lasted.

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