Garden Diary: Trouble in the Herb Garden

BasilMy cilantro and my basil, both planted in the same pot along with some tarragon, are in trouble: both are looking rather pale and “peaked”. In fact, the cilantro has some blotches on it, and the basil appears to be drying out on the stem. 😦

I checked to make sure the soil is moist all the way to the bottom without being water logged, and the soil is fine. However, I’m thinking maybe my initial soil mix didn’t contain enough compost: both plants like a fair amount of Nitrogen.

So, we took a little “Plant-Tone“, an organic fertilizer that Gurney’s was kind enough to send me, free with my big order, and mixed it in around the plants. We will wait and see from there.

6 in six secondsSpeaking of fertilizing and compost and such, today we turned our indoor compost pile. Oh, didn’t I mention that yet? Well I guess I know what I’ll be talking about in my next post! 🙂 Long story short, I took a discarded trash can, lined it with a trash bag, and started a compost pile. I’ll give details in the next post; suffice it to say that we found heat in the pile, which means things are working the way they should. YAY!

We’re considering adding worms to the pile to help with speed up the process.

Anyone grossed out yet? *G* Well, I’ll tell you this: it doesn’t smell bad, at all. In fact, it smells just like really good dirt, rich and beautiful. It’s a beautiful thing.

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