The Great Parachute Experiment

SnoopyI wish I could draw cartoons, this would be a suitable medium to describe what we did. Alternately, video would be handy…

Anyway, a few days ago Rip and Tai found an old, discarded, broken down umbrella with an intact canopy. They took it apart, and tied some “stays” (lines) to it, turning it into a perfectly round parachute.

Today, with the wonderful, windy weather, Rip decided it was time to launch. All we needed was something to hang at the bottom of the parachute, some kind of heavy doll. A little scrounging around, and Tai found a Christmas “Snoopy”, a 12 inch doll with a good heavy head (and a Santa hat). I bet he weighs a good pound and a half or Marine parachuting at Parris Island, S.C. (LOC)two. Anyway, Rip attached the last line to Snoopy’s hat, sent Tai and I to the back of the building (where we have a nice three story drop), and launched him out the window.

The first launch went a little sour, though the chute opened just before poor Snoopy landed head first. The second, though, was picture perfect. Deployment occurred at the apogee, and Snoopy floated softly, harmlessly in a perfect two-point landing.

Wish I had a camera.

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