(More) Changes at The Brown Study

No, your eyes are not deceiving you: there is something different about the look of this site. Although I’ve maintained the casual “jeans” look, things have changed and, I hope, seriously improved.

Ataw Wallpa, or Atahualpa, Last Incan Emperor

Ataw Wallpa, or Atahualpa, Last Incan Emperor

I recently came across this totally rad theme called “Atahualpa” (presumably named after the Incan Emperor, pictured here in this portrait), designed and programmed by Flynn at Bytes For All. I first used it for my gardening diary. Then I endeavoured to create multiple looks, based on that one theme, for other areas of the site, starting with the “books” category (under “Arts & Entertainment” in the menu). I discovered this could be a little difficult, and I spent several sleepless nights trying to figure it out.

As of last night, I had succeeded! A different look that managed to retain some essential elements (namely, the location of the navigation bars, and the side bars on either side of the page).

Having figured out how to use Atahualpa to do what I wanted, I next took on the task of converting the original jeans look I loved so much to the new theme. This is the result.

I may still tweak it for a little while, but at the moment I am happy.

A few notes: In the process of working with Atahualpa, I discovered a few more plugins I hope will make interaction with you, Dear Reader, a little more interesting. I know it feels weird to contact someone you don’t know through a blog, but I hope you will at least choose to rate posts you find interesting. You will find a way to rate at the bottom of each page, simply decide how many stars you think any post is worth, from one to five.

I also discovered a Printing plugin that is supposed to pop up a preview of the page so that you can keep a copy for yourself. Now, in this world so increasingly conscious of the cost of wasting paper and cutting down trees, I hope you will use this tool judiciously. Still, paper is great for carrying information around, so what are we to do?

Anyway, feel free to also leave me a comment! I’d love to hear from you, especially as my stats show I’ve had visitors from such diverse places as Iran and Australia! Ozzie ozzie ozzie!…

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