Garden Diary: Summer is HERE!

Desert Moon RisingWhew did it ever get HOT today! Temperatures reached a sizzling 31 ° Celsius (that’s somewhere in the 90’s, for the non-metrically inclined). Literally overnight, we went from spring to summer.

Most of our plants showed signs of drying out as a result, so we ended up watering at high noon, generally a big no-no, but we couldn’t let them die from lack of water, now could we?

On a separate note, yesterday my Big Girl hybrid tomatoes arrived (YAY!). I’ve set them outside but in the shade so they can recover from their travels, and tomorrow evening or Sunday at the latest we’ll be planting them… upside down, of course! There are three plants and they look positively gorgeous already. I can hardly wait!

of COURSE i was a girl scout.Speaking of tomatoes, my Roma’s got a few yellow leaves, so yesterday I fed everything with 19-19-19 fertilizer. Here’s hoping that helps not just the Romas, but my poor cilantro and basil.

Tomorrow is expected to be even hotter than today, so I’ve watered the plants in anticipation of that. If necessary, I guess Rip and family can do it for me tomorrow. I will be out of town, at the Annual Girl Scout Adult Recognitions Reception. That’ll make a nice change! 🙂

Best get some sleep now, I leave early-ish, and I really prefer to have my eight. Night night.

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