Garden ALERT: Moth Larvae!

DSCF0008_3So I was watering the plants this evening (I try to water right around the time when the sun is setting, then later, more or less in the middle of the night… that way the plants get watered regardless of whether or not anyone else remembers, or I’m at work or something) and I noticed a whole bunch of holes in my mustard greens.


They look like little tiny green caterpillars. A little online searching suggests they are Cabbage Loopers. According to the Pacific Northwest Pest Management Handbook:

Cabbage looper larvae feed on leaves, causing ragged-edge holes in the leaf and on the leaf margins. The major damage caused by larvae and pupae is contamination of the heads of cole crops.

Ok, we can go back to Yellow status, then.

I did a little digging around the garden, while trying no tot uproot any plants (a difficult task, lemme tell ya! Those guys are shallow-rooted and easily pulled out.) and found two of the larvae, which I have put in another container with some of the leaves they’d already chewed up. I’ll go back out with a flashlight later on, if I have too, and see if I can find any more.

Pests. Hmph!

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