Gardening Diary: Big Girls and Wildflowers

TomatoesWell, we planted our Big Girls yesterday, planting two upside-down in one of the usual reusable grocery bags, and one right-side up in a corner of the mustard greens pot: nothing had quite taken there, I’m hoping the tomato won’t be quite so picky.

We struggled a little when it came time to hang our two plants, though: we had some technical difficulties with the bar we’re suspending them from, it bent just a bit under the added weight. We managed to make a shim to keep it propped up (this is where a picture would come in really handy!) and all is well now.

We’ll need more bags of soil, though.

In other news, Tainn’s wildflowers are positively exploding in her pot! We now count 21 separate little seedlings.

Remember the basil with the damaged leaves? They’re growing new, unblemished leaves, as is the tarragon, and the peppers are putting out a few more flowers, all of which suggests the problem wasn’t caused by a disease. Oh and the cilantro, too, has shot up some new shoots that are towering over the main plant.

I’m concerned about the tomatillos, though, although they aren’t wilting or anything, they haven’t grown a bit since we transplanted them. I also need to plant more summer savory (they never even came up at all), but I’m all out of soil! I need a ride to the Lowes…

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