Garden Diary: Rain That Won't Go Away

天気予報 Weather forecastAbout a week ago, I started a more intensive watering regimen for the plants, and saw immediate results. All the plants shot up, some nearly doubling in size.

I haven’t watered in three days: the rain has been nearly torrential! As a result, the mustard greens have shot up to nearly 6 inches, as has the potato (which is not so good, since I really need to cover it’s base with more dirt, and I can’t do that while the mustards are still growing). The garlic’s leaves are turning yellow, which either means that they’re almost done, or that they’re getting too much moisture. I’ll have to check it out. All the herbs have perked up, and the peppers are growing a few more flowers. Even the tomatillos are suddenly showing off their second set of leaves, at last!

onions2Right before all that rain, I chopped back the chives by about half their height. I’d guess I chopped about 6 inches, leaving them still eight inches tall. They’re totally happy in their new pot, and I won’t report on them again unless something happens to them.

The onions also have shot up. Two of my plants have flowers standing on stalks that are nearly two feet tall! Impressive, lemme tell ya! Unfortunately, the recent rain seems to have beaten the stocks down a bit.

The tomatoes aren’t getting quite as much rain: we did deliberately hang them under the eaves, sheltering them both from too much sun on the soil during sunny days, and too heavy a rain fall on stormy days. I’ve discovered they can handle quite a bit of water, though, and I’m wishing I could find a way to have them a bit lower. Meantime, I’m going to have to hand-water them. However, I’ve been collecting rainwater just in a small trash can I have hanging around on the porch, so I’ll be reusing natural resources, rather than pulling from the local water supply. I try to be environmentally conscious in the easy, obvious ways at least.

I just found out about yet another free seed giveaway program from Campbell’s Soup. I don’t think I’d mentioned the other one I’d found in a post yet, but I did link in the sidebar. The One Million Gardens, in partnership with Edible Gardens, is offering free seeds for your garden. I got my seeds a few weeks ago, and got a beautiful tin of seeds that included:

All of these should grow well in Georgia… but nearly all require more room than I have. That’s the bad news. The good news is Rip and I have been talking to the nearby church about creating a “Community Garden” on their property, and if they agree, I’ll be happy to donate those seeds to that project.

The weather forecast calls for rain all the way until Saturday, with the occasional break. I’m thinking I should see my garden grow quite a bit over the next few days…

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