Garden Diary: PANIC Redux!

DSCF0008_3Ok, it’s time to hit the panic button again! There are these little teeny tiny bugs of some sort on my chives, and they seem to be killing them! I mean this is a real infestation, we can barely see the chives themselves. Worse, a look at all my various other onion-type plants (garlic, shallot, etc) shows they’re showing up on those as well.

A little research immediately gives me some information. The creatures in question are called onion thrips. We’ve had them previous years, I’m remembering, and I’m not sure how we got rid of them but we did. I remember spraying a solution of red peppers in water, but this problem has caught me by surprise and I’m not sure this will help at this point.


I can’t get the other pesticides I might need, for many reasons, so this will either do it, or it won’t. I’ll let you know.

Incidentally, the problem with the moth larvae seems to have been resolved, I’d only found two of the things and it appeared there were no more. Phew!

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