Garden Notes: First Fruit and Fertilizer

Jersey Bell PeppersTwo days ago, (the same day I found the onion thrips on my chives and virtually every other member of the onion family), I decided it was time to fertilize all the vegetable plants (I used the Plant-Tone again). Part of the idea is that better fed plants will do a better job protecting themselves from invaders and disease.

Well guess what? Today, I saw our very first green bell pepper!Now it’s tiny, barely half an inch in diameter (if that) but it’s here! Yay!

The cilantro had already sprung some pretty little white flowers that seem to have also benefited from the fertilizing, and my summer savory—you may remember I had to replant it after the first batch was knocked over—has not only sprouted, it is also suddenly growing new leaves. I’m a little annoyed that it’s taking so long, but then again I am using the “direct planting” method, meaning I’m starting the plants outside rather than inside, in a controlled environment. No choice, as there really isn’t any room to set up a “greenhouse” inside. Still, we’re slowly but surely getting there.

I think.

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