J.R Ward: "Black Dagger Brotherhood" Series

Wicked GameA week or so ago (I’m not sure of the exact time lapse, it’s been all a blur since then), I got lucky: a friend of ours saw me as I was leaving the drugstore while he still had a box of books in his back seat. The books were originally destined for Goodwill, but when he saw me—perhaps having seen me glance at them with a more covetous look than I should have had—he offered them to me.
Most of them aren’t my typical fare.Then again, my first true love (literarily speaking, to coin a term) is Stephen King, so maybe it’s not surprising that I found this collection so… entrancing.

My box, my new treasure chest, contained almost exclusively vampire romances, including four books of the “Black Dagger Brotherhood” series, by J.R. Ward. Specifically, I am now the proud owner of books three through six of the collection:

Once again, I found myself unable to stop once I got started. The stories are engaging, fast-paced, and yes racy.

The vampires in this series, in a twist on the old vampyr mythology, are not undead humans, but a race separate from homo sapiens. They are, therefore, neither evil nor damned by virtue of their own existence. They are, however, long-lived, nocturnal (the sun is still deadly to them), passionate, blood-sucking predators. Their supply of choice actually comes from other vampires, as human blood isn’t potent enough to properly nourish them. Their bite isn’t deadly per say, nor can it “turn” a human into a vampire. However, if they give their blood to a human (a practice that is frowned upon but not outlawed), they will help said human live longer.

Each book concentrates on one member of the Brotherhood, as they seek to fight off the members of the “Lessering Society”, a group of undead humans who have been turned by “The Omega”—an evil force approximately analogous to the devil—into a vampire-fighting army. In the process of their fight, the Brothers find true and powerful love and hope for themselves in a better future.

The characters are well developed, their strengths, weaknesses, and conflicts evident in all that they say and do.

The sex scenes are… hot. Not to mention very explicit, and probably not appropriate for the under-16 crowd. This is firmly in the Harlequin territory: hot males, beautiful females seduced by the male’s strength. Unlike your typical Harlequin romance, however, these are not weak women in need of rescue.

After all, these men are strong, determined, and devoted. The last thing they need are weak females swooning and pining all over the place. No, these are women who will fight when they have to, who will speak their mind and have it heard, and who are equally devoted.

Good thing, too; that kind of female drives me crazy, and I wouldn’t have bothered devouring one of these books, let along the four I have.

I won’t go into details about each and every book, as I have a hard time imagining doing that without giving too much information about the other books. Do consider visiting the official J.R. Ward website, though. Then visit Amazon through the carousel below and order yourself a copy. Whether you like your hot romance action-packed, or your adventure story filled with romance, I think you’ll find yourself quickly spellbound. In a world with too few escapes, that can be a good thing… at least for a little while.

Purchase one or all of these book on through this site, and a portion of your purchase price will help support The Brown Study. Thank you for your purchase.

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