Garden Diary: This, That, and the Other

Cilantro FlowersAll the big girl tomatoes are blooming. The Roma, on the other hand, isn’t looking so good. 😦 I’m not sure, but I think it might be too cool for it, so far: today’s high 24°C. In fact, a neighbor of ours has beautiful heads of cabbage that are happy as-all-get-out, where normally they’d be all burned out by this time of year.

The thrips are still all over my chives, and I’m NOT happy. Neither are the chives: they’re all droopy off the edge of the pot, and looking mighty sad. The red pepper spray isn’t working, so we’re going to try a castille soap/red pepper flake mix next. I don’t know what else to do!

I’m equally concerned about the garlic: their leaves are all brown. I think they might be the only plant actually sitting in a bit too moist a soil!

All my herbs, however, are pretty darn happy! You should see how tall the tarragon is now, as well as the cilantro. As for the summer savory, it’s till growing steadily. Did I mention I have a green bell pepper growing? If we could get warmer weather, I’d probably see more peppers of all varieties.

I still don’t see any marigold flowers, but the ones that are doing well and clearly growing more leaves. The tallest one is now 4 inches tall and loaded with leaves. I’d say at this rate, I should see my first flower in 3 weeks or so. Go, marigolds, go!

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