Twelve-year Old Saves Child from Drowning

DimensionsNow I don’t know all the details as I’ve got most of them second-hand. In addition, I won’t mention anyone by name, because I haven’t asked permission to talk about it. However, I happen to know all the protagonists, and I am both very proud and a little emotional about it, and I believe this story needs to be told.

A group of my daughters’ friends went swimming today at the pool of a nearby complex. There must have been at least half a dozen children, ranging in age from five to fourteen. Around 18:00, one of the older children noticed the five year old at the bottom of the pool, not moving. “Is that M____?” he asked.


One young lady, aged about twelve, jumped into the deep end and pulled that child out of the water. Someone else called 9-1-1 (we actually heard the ambulance and the fire trucks hurrying past). Meantime, the rescuer, E____, began chest compressions to get the water out of the boy’s lungs.

The ambulance arrived in due time and took the boy away. Apparently, he had a seizure along the way, but he is breathing.

A twelve year old saved a younger child’s life, and I am very proud to know her.

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