Garden Diary: More Progress!

Upside down tomato plantA little over a week ago, I told you we’d seen our first Roma tomatoes from the upside down plant.

Maybe three days later, just as June was blooming, we now also have three Early Girls on the right-side up tomato.

As of today, the total fruit count is as follows:

  • 3 right-side up Early Girl Tomatoes
  • 1 upside-down Early Girl (it showed up this morning!)
  • 2 upside-down Romas
  • 6 jalapenos
  • 2 sweet banana peppers

Now, you may remember that part of the gardening experiment included working with upside-down plants, as in the “Topsy-Turvy” planter idea. You may also remember that I planted all the Early Girls at the same time; however, since they were the last things I planted, I was on the last few cubic feet of dirt and compost. As a result, the upside-down pot ended up with a lot less dirt than it needed. Therefore, I really should have been watering it much more often than I was. As it is, it’s quite likely that pot would have done much better had it had more dirt to hold all the water.

On the other hand, it’s heavy enough as it is: our hanging system is already struggling under all that weight! We’ll have to come up with something different eventually, possibly before the summer’s out. Early Girls are supposed to put out a lot of fruit at the same time.

Tonight, I’m boiling some old bottles I have, with which I’m going to make two very special oils. One will be a basil-infused olive oil, using the flowering tops of my basil (you should see it, it’s gorgeous!); the other, a cilantro-peanut oil, also using the tops of the cilantro.

Right now, though, I’m watching the season opener of “The Closer” followed by the season opener of “Raising the Bar“. See you on the flip side….

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